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starship-design: Re: Great Page!

Glad you liked the site.  We aim to interest and inspire.  

Can't say I've thought of geting a T-shirt of something from the site.  Thou a
Lunar Institute of technology alumni shirt might be interesting?  If we decide
to do a alumni shirt or something I'll keep you in mind, and I'll CC the group
about your offer.

Hope you like the rest of the site, foward to any you might think will be


In a message dated 11/25/98 2:02:18 AM, zodiac1@bellsouth.net writes:

>Damn.... incredible page, guess i'm gonna have to camp out here for a
>week to check it all out! I have sent your URL to other researchers
>including www.members.aol.com/phikent/orbit/orbit.html
>and www.caus.org. Thanks for all the effort you obviously put into this
>masterpiece. Your bookmarked fer sure.. I hope you dont think of this as
>a spam , I have a T-shirt biz in
>Micanopy FL a nice small town of around 800 people, and have been doing
>t-shirts etc for over 20 years. In the past few months Ive been doing
>shirts for Websites and the success on this is very good. The way I do
>it is easy for all concerned. We can do either silk screened prints or
>32 bit color wax thermal prints using Top of the line Seiko printers. On
>a 100 % Hanes Beefy T or 100% fruit of the loom premium weight shirt.
>Shirts selling for $15.00 + $3.00 ship handling will make $5.00 per
>shirt for you. All you have to do is forward the orders to me with CC
>#'s or have them send checks to you and we send you a check. No
>inventory to purchase no cash outlay, just profit for you. I know what
>it costs in time and money to keep a website running I'm sure it would
>help. Another nice thing is with the 32 bit prints the design can be
>changed  or designs added at no cost or hassle. Very kewl indeed. Well
>Thanks for the page, and I would be happy to send you a free sample
>shirt or mousepad or coffee mug whatever you like just e-mail me
>whatever art work you would like and an address ad Ill send you one
>pronto. Joe DIVito Zodiac Printing rt 2 box 601 Micanopy, FL. 32667
>(352) 466-3333