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starship-design: SETI Hoax?

This I copied from the November edition of SpaceViews:

SETI Hoax?: Claims that a British amateur has discovered a radio
signal from an alien intelligence have been debunked as a hoax by SETI
scientists.  The anonymous Briton, later identified as a Mr. Paul
Dore, claimed to have detected a signal from the star EQ Pegasi.  His
reports, pushed on a SETI mailing list and elsewhere on the Internet,
were mentioned in a BBC report.  However, other amateur and
professional SETI researchers have picked up no signs of such a
signal, although a signal was detected from that star in September by
Project Phoenix at Arecibo but failed to pass their stringent
confirmation checks.  "A hacker gone wild," concluded Professor Nathan
Cohen of Boston University.  "Too many 'Contact' reruns. Case closed." 
Still, Dore claims the signal is true and is reportedly planning a
press conference as early as this week to formally present his claims.