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Re: starship-design: SETI detection?

Hi Group,

"Kyle R. Mcallister" wrote:

> For your listening pleasure:
> http://www.geocities.com/CapeCanaveral/Hall/7193/
> ???
> Kyle R. Mcallister

BIG ????

Seems quasi-legit, rather than being a Web goose-chase. We'll hear about
it in the news in a few days if that press conference goes ahead [Nov 4]
so let's wait and see. I liked the bit about it perhaps being a
navigational beacon of a starship heading our way.... that'd be freaky.

If EQ Pegasi has been visited by ETIs and that signal's a starship/probe
transmission I wonder if we can't detect their drive system in
operation. We might if they were using magnetic sails to deccelerate. A
few million should be spent on setting up a mag-sail detector, then we
might get a clearer idea of what's happening in our cosmic neighborhood.

Or maybe EQ Pegasi has a habitable planet. Is there anyway of finding
out if it's been scanned for planets? Might have a close-in Jupiter with
a habitable moon, or maybe the ETIs have an ammonia/water biology.
Rather than N2/O2 like us they'll be breathing N2/H2. That'd be weird.

If EQ Pegasi is confirmed as home to ETIs then we might have ourselves a
target to send our starships to. Can we launch a manned mission to a
star at 22 light years? Or maybe frozen embryos? Please consider...