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Re: starship-design: Bugs again

>>>I think it is quite save to say that there isn't any fertile spot on
>>>were there aren't bacteria already. These bacteria likely have
>>>overtaken/driven away all weaker kinds of bacteria and thus are the
>>>and most numerous for that particular spot.
>>Your asuming they have an evolved defence against the intruders
(unlikly) and
>>that the bacteria themselves might not be the food for the intruder. 
>>tiny samples of more toxic bacteria introduced into a filled culture,
>>whip out the rest of the stuff in the culture.
>You are assuming that the alien bacteria evolved a defence against their
>Earthly enemies and that these alien bacteria might not be food for
>that-spot's-fittest bacteria. 
>It may seem as if I'm making fun of you, but to me this seems a number
>game, the largest group is most likely to win.

Not necessarily. You could have a ton of bacteria and a few of a
different, stronger kind, and the stronger could win. We have plenty of
bacteria in our bodies,yet we are still prone to illness. A heavyweight
wrestler could take on dozens of 10 year olds, and who do you think would
win? That also brings up the question "Can they sufficient resistance?"


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