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Re: RE: RE: RE: starship-design: YES, we might do it.

KellySt@aol.com writes:
 > Well you and I have been in here for about 5 years now, so I guess were safe.
 > We better hope the master of "starship-design@lists.uoregon.edu" hangs in
 > there.  Or we could create duplicate sites.  Perhaps there is a way.  
 > Kelly

I have no problem with continuing to host the mailing list and
archives, and I'm not planning on going anywhere.  Otherwise I'm
not sure what you're asking me to do here.

I have a limited amount of space I could provide for some other
web page material, but it would be in a personal account that I
can't give others access to, so I would probably have to host
stuff that wouldn't require much maintenance.