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Re: RE: Re: Re: starship-design: RE: Bugs again

In a message dated 10/19/98 1:35:40 PM, stevev@darkwing.uoregon.edu wrote:

>L. Parker writes:
> > Every analysis I've ever seen of relativity agrees that if you ignore the
> > evident causality paradoxes, travel above the speed of light is possible,
> > there just isn't any way to get there because travel at the speed of light
> > isn't possible.
>Actually, I also remember Isaac Kuo making the very good point
>that the structure of spacetime for an FTL particle would be so
>weird that hardly any of the usual laws of physics would imply,
>and that not even atoms could hold together since electromagnetic 
>forces wouldn't propagate isotropically.

I seem to remember similar arguments by physicists "proving" that quantum
mechanics and black holes were impossible.