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Re: RE: RE: starship-design: YES, we might do it.

In a message dated 10/15/98 10:05:23 AM, david@playlink.com wrote:

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>> From: 	Zenon Kulpa[SMTP:zkulpa@zmit1.ippt.gov.pl]
>> Sent: 	Thursday, October 15, 1998 9:25 AM
>> Subject: 	Re:  RE: starship-design: YES, we might do it.
>> > >Good idea. As far as I know, Kelly is now maintaining the site?
>> > >
>> > As far as I know no one is maintaining it.  
>> > If I had access I'ld fix some of the links.
>> > 
>> Too bad. How come? 
>> Dave?
>Unfortunately, it's my personal account on the machine and I don't have
>the ability to create other accounts.
>The amount of stuff on there is a bit much for anyone with a day job to
>maintain.  I've always felt that perhaps the best option would be for
>everyone who wants to work on a part of the site to do it at one of the
>free homepage places (Tripod, Geocities, etc.).  Then we could use the
>original site as more a kind of Table of Contents for all the other
>subsites.  A distributed system would be easier to maintain, because we
>could each be responsible for a part of it.  We would have to make sure
>that the main site linked to the subsites and the subsites linked back
>to the mainsite, but that would be easy.  More difficult would be
>maintaining any crosslinks between subsites - but definitely possible,
>especially with the help of the mailing list.  Anyway, we could each
>take a topic that we're most interested in: i.e., links to official
>documents, links to "advanced propulsion concepts", information on
>historical starship research, information on topics like fusion,
>fission, anti-matter, asteroid belt mining, space tourism, etc.
>David Levine 

Thats a good idea, we could also post parts in our personal account spaces.
(I once offered to put most of the stuff I worked up for LIT on one of my AOL
accounts.)  I do worry about sections disappering as people come and go from
the group or change accounts thou.