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Re: Re: Re: Re: starship-design: scoops and sails and something topush against

In a message dated 10/15/98 1:43:14 PM, nlindber@u.washington.edu wrote:

>A comment on yr post Kelly. 
>> economics is a science with understood laws and rules that even apply
>> species (where aplicable).  Psychology isn't well researched, but is a
>> reflection of the structure of our minds, which excluding extensive gene
>> isn't likely to change in the next few million years, and seems to trace it
>> roots back through most mammals.  Society, culture  ignoring trivialities
>> music art etc falls into a couple major groups (feudal/dictator,
>> which have existed for a few thousand years.  So were pretty sure some sort
>> law based, probably democratic society will dominate long term
>> lack productivity to compete long term).
>> So for the purposes of this discusino, I can't see any major changes that
>> would alter things.
>As for 'major changes that would alter things'.  How about fiddling with
>the human genome.  There are several changes I'd like to see made (when/if
>possible) and it seems that we are heading into a time of ever increasing
>genetic manipulation.  I know that current mores oppose this idea, but
>those have a way of changing with the times too.  In fact, i would
>predict these changes being made before humanity truly becomes a
>spacefaring race.

That could change some of the factors of our culture (much, if not most, of
our natures seems genetic) or do nothing depending on what you alter.  What do
you want to change?