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RE: RE: starship-design: RE: Bugs again

I recall reading (somewhere, but it was a book) that at radio frequencies,
the earth's artificial emissions are several orders of magnitude brighter
than the sun.  Did that person say they would be /undetectable/ or simply
unreadable.  If the latter, then we may still stick out as a G class star
that is _very_ bright at radio frequencies.

On Sat, 17 Oct 1998, L. Parker wrote:

> Kelly
> > I think we've got 50 years of broadcasts screeming were here to
> > all concerned.
> No, Someone on the list posted the power equations a year or so ago and they
> rather conclusively showed that those broadcasts were rather undetectable at
> even one light year. Which does not apply to intentionally beamed messages
> from something Arecibo...
> Lee