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starship-design: administrivia: no more "administrivia"

A recent thread in starship-design has contained the word
"subscribe" in the first paragraph.  Unfortunately this has
triggered a feature in Majordomo (our mailing list management
software) called "administrivia" that causes such messages to be
bounced to the list owner on the assumption the message is a
subscription request.  I've been approving these to the list as
I've seen them, but that often involves a few hours of delay
since I only usually read messages to this account during the

Fortunately this feature is individually configurable in lists so 
I've turned it off for starship-design.

Another feature I'd sort of like to disable is the automatic
prepending of "starship-design:" to message subjects.  However,
some people like that feature.  If there's no strong objection,
I'll disable the feature; if people really, really like it, I'll
leave things as they are.  I'll wait until next week to decide,
so if you have an opinion, mail it to me (but NOT to the entire
list, please) and I'll take it into consideration.