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Re: Re: Re: starship-design: scoops and sails and something topush against

A comment on yr post Kelly. 

> economics is a science with understood laws and rules that even apply across
> species (where aplicable).  Psychology isn't well researched, but is a
> reflection of the structure of our minds, which excluding extensive gene work,
> isn't likely to change in the next few million years, and seems to trace it
> roots back through most mammals.  Society, culture  ignoring trivialities like
> music art etc falls into a couple major groups (feudal/dictator, democratic)
> which have existed for a few thousand years.  So were pretty sure some sort of
> law based, probably democratic society will dominate long term (dictatortships
> lack productivity to compete long term).
> So for the purposes of this discusino, I can't see any major changes that
> would alter things.

As for 'major changes that would alter things'.  How about fiddling with
the human genome.  There are several changes I'd like to see made (when/if
possible) and it seems that we are heading into a time of ever increasing
genetic manipulation.  I know that current mores oppose this idea, but
those have a way of changing with the times too.  In fact, i would
predict these changes being made before humanity truly becomes a
spacefaring race.