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Re: RE: Re: starship-design: The Way ahead & Bugs

> From: Bjorn Nilsson <f96bni@student.tdb.uu.se>
> On Wed, 14 Oct 1998 KellySt@aol.com wrote:
> > One factor I suggested long ago in the group was that our starships group
> > survey tems would be few in number, and subjected to intence quarenteen.  
> > If they arn't sure their clean, they don't get to come back to the ship.  
> > If the ship can't convince earth they are clean, the decel microwave beam 
> > isn't turned on.
> > 
> Well personally I strongly prefer "one-way" missions, that would totaly
> eliminate any treat to earth. As for your other precautions they are
> generally sound...
Agreed - just another argument for one-way missions.
How come I did not used it during my past quarrels with Kelly?

> As for the one-way vs two-way issue please consider this:
> Let's say we have a starship that can get to one of the nearest stars in
> 10-20 years, carrying a few 100's to a few 1000's of scientists and crew.
> (I think this is fairly typical for most of this groups proposals 
> is it not?)
> Now if they should have life-suport and suplies for a round-trip they
> would need to have about 40-50 years worth to have a few years on station
> and some safety margin. Now the people that would go would likely be
> around 30 when they leave, given that most of them should probably be at
> least PhD's and also have a few years of specific training for the
> mission. Now this means that when it's time to go home most of them would
> be in their late 40's or early 50's. Now this would mean that the
> scientists and crew would have to chose between living most of their
> remaining lives aboard the ship during a tedious trip home OR they could
> live out the rest of their lives scouting and researching this facinating
> new star system... I know which one I'd chose...
Exactly (some of) my points during my past quarrels with Kelly.
I even produced detailed time schedules for various types of missions.
However, he was then adamant on the issue.

Now, the stage is yours, Bjorn!

-- Zenon