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Re: starship-design: RE: Bugs again

I have a question for the group.  Barring putting a science fiction writer
in the engineering spaces of every starship, is a class III civilization
even concievable?  Even if a society could scatter itself throughout the
galaxy, the light barrier would prevent the kind of cultural cohesion
required to keep them a unified "civilization" or even on the same
evolutionary track.
Best Regards,
Nels Lindberg

On Wed, 14 Oct 1998, Kyle R. Mcallister wrote:

> L. Parker wrote:
> > 
> > Chris,
> > 
> > Let us hope the whole galaxy doesn't subscribe to the survival of the
> > fittest philosophy, we may just run into another intelligent species which
> > is more fit...
> Think about this the next time you step on an ant colony that has done
> nothing to you. Picture yourself as the big type III civilization, and
> they as humans. Now on the other hand, if the ants come into your house
> and/or bite you, by all means get the raid ;)
> Lets hope that most alien civilizations would be more willing to look at
> us from a distance, rather than interfere with us in a particularly
> nasty way.
> Kyle R. Mcallister