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Re: starship-design: YES, we might do it.

Kelly & Kelly wrote:

>Problem is unless there is some short term profit, there will be no long term
>investments.  Also the without a large scale market, mining would not be
>economical in space, and there be no economy to support the major space
>colonization that would support something like our starship project.
>Zero G manufacturing might havesupported such mines, but interest in it has
>droped a lot in the last decade.

Your alter ego is surfacing ;))

Maybe a shortterm profit can be generated by selling exclusive rights of
mining the first few asteroids to those that will be there first. (This is
a probably a bit too easy, but I guess you catch my drift.) Right now space
is supposed to be from everybody, but clearly that doesn't work if
economical advantages are to be made.