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Re: Re: starship-design: scoops and sails and something to push against.

In a message dated 10/8/98 9:43:54 PM, you wrote:

>KellySt@aol.com wrote:
>> Thats a VERY big if!  We still can't control deseases and infectinos from
>> microbes we evolved to survive.  Even our vounted anti-biotics and
>> disinfectants are starting to fail badly.  Most medicine still relies on
>> boidis ability to fight off the infectinos if we can stack the deck in our
>> favor.  In another ecosphere all thats out the window.
>I assume the existance of non-antiobiotic treatments, such as

Can't assume nano, even if you could, if were that modified why bother with a
planet.  Also our microbe would be as likely to decimate the local eco-sphere.

>> Ever hear of Manifest destiny?  It was started as a concept to expain why
>> cleared out all the indians ahead of the colonists.  The real reason was
>> euro deseases.  Many tribes lost well over 90% of their population before
>> evenb seeing a white person.  So the white found a continent of emptied
>> vilages, and decimated tribe.  Land cleared by God for our use.  That was
>> among people isolated for tens of thousands of years from an infectino
>> We're talking about total historic isolation.
>If we are dealing with a sentient civilization, then we will have to
>deal with infection in a big way. If not, it shouldn't be too much of a
>problem. Most of the problems were caused by viruses and bacteria
>specifically evolved to attack humans...notice, many bacteriums that
>attack human do not attack other lifeforms on earth. 

Some do some don't.  Some bacteria and fungi eat anything from us to wood.  As
long as they like wet protean based organisms were probably fair game.

>Therefore, with two
>different planets and two different ecosystems, the problem should not
>be so severe. The indians were different, granted, but also human. We
>will likely be quite different from the ecosystem of another world.
>Bacteria may still cause trouble, but probably nothing we cannot combat.

Our chemistry's will be the same (otherwise we wouldn't have called it a Earth
like world) so the bacterias biochem should work on us, but our immues system
probably won't.

>Kyle R. Mcallister