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RE: starship-design: Engine Parameters


> These are good numbers, but I agree with Nels, that the max. thrust
> numbers seem a little bit high.  Especially on the HIGH: thrust engine.
> But if we cut that down, or state that it is only a short-term maximum,
> then I think Lee's numbers are good.
> How about
> LOW:  Continuous thrust at .1 g
>       Transient thrust at 1 g for 10 hours max.
> MED:  Continuous thrust at .33 g
>       Transient thrust at 3 g for 3 hours max.
> HIGH: Continuous thrust at 1 g
>       Transient thrust at 6 g for 1 hour max.
> All delta v numbers should be for a ship of a given mass, say 1000 tons
> total weight.

I agree with the proposed modifications, I did attempt to state that all of
the *big* numbers were peak or transient values. I didn't think about a
definite time limit though, which is probably a good idea. I will repost a
new version later this evening after I've incorporated any other