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Re: RE: starship-design: scoops and sails and something to push against

> From: KellySt@aol.com
> >That is also exactly my point. Hence I think that the best thing
> >we can do to make interstellar flight possible is to advocate
> >and support the manned exploration and settling of Solar System.
> >As fast as possible (or faster) and as extensively as possible 
> >(or still more...). Initiatives like Mars Direct and Zubrin/Gingrich
> >concept of financing them by the "Mars Awards" to the private 
> >enterpreneurs are certainly the most promising here. 
> >The Mars Society awaits us...
> These would not actual support real colonies. They would just do government
> suported base station. Thats about as close to a space faring civilization 
> as our Antarctica bases are to antarctic colonization or the late 
> seabottom bases to ocean colonization.
Possibly, but you must start from something.
Starting with a base station seems quite reasonable to me.

> >> In one thing at least you are right, when we do go, it will be in fleets.
> >> Not necessarily all to one star system, but there will be hundreds and even
> >> thousands of ships going out, to every star within reach, all looking for
> >> one thing - a new chance on a new world.
> >> 
> >Yes, and it should also settle my perennial quarrel with Kelly
> >re one-way missions: by definition, most of these missions will be one-way...
> Not likely. ;)  
Not likely what?

> You idea was a suicide exploration mission. Send out a team
> and abondon them there to die.
That is foul [socialist, capitalist, anyother] propaganda!
My idea was QUITE different. I often wondered why you seem not
to understand that!
Geez, should we start the quarrel again?  ;-))

> Further, if people want to propose reasons for interstellar colonization
> missions, they'll have to have reasons and patterns that haven't failed on
> Earthly colonization projects.
Or quite new reasons that may turn up in a quite different,
interplanetary-space society.

-- Zenon