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starship-design: Engine Parameters

Okay, since we all pretty much agree that predicting what the engine will be
is impossible, and that the likelihood of something unpredictable happening
between now and fifty years from now is at least a non-zero number <G> lets
do as Nels suggests and propose a set of requirements that will define
performance parameters necessary to propel several different classes of
ships. I would suggest basing the classes on a low median and high model of
performance based on the following divisions:

LOW: Thrust is not continuous, may never exceed 10 m/sec, total change in
delta v of 100,000 km/sec (1/3 c)

MEDIAN: Thrust may extend for long periods but is not normally for entire
mission duration, may achieve transient thrust levels of up to 30 m/sec,
total delta v limited to 200,000 km/sec (2/3 c)

HIGH: Thrust is typically continuous over duration of mission, maximum
acceleration is 90 m/sec, total delta v is 300,000 km/sec (0.99 c)

All of these assume an acceleration deceleration phase with no reserve fuel,
change in delta v is a maximum only and assumes there is enough fuel to
decelerate also (in other words, the delta v figures should really be

Comments or suggestions?