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Re: starship-design: scoops and sails and something to push against.

perhaps we could just mandate a drive with given parameters, and 
content ourselves with design of the ship and living quarters, 
life support etc.

perhaps we could do that for several different drive types (FTL 
vs multi-generational vs near relativistic.

that way, if any of the breakthruoghs happen, we will have the 
start of a design.

David Levine wrote:

> Or, do we think that there is simply technically no way we could launch
> an interstellar mission within fifty years?  I suppose we have to define
> "interstellar mission" - after all, the Voyager spacecraft are already
> on such a mission.  So, let's say the definition is simple: a manned
> mission that travels to the very closest star system, Proxima Centauri,
> within the working lifetime of the crew (i.e. they are physically
> capable crew when the mission starts and when the mission arrives).  I
> don't even care about the return trip just yet (we can get to that
> next).  Will it be possible or not?
> My gut instinct tells me "yes", but at a dramatic cost.  What does
> everyone else think?
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