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RE: FW: starship-design: Interstellar travel-using vacuum..ur poi nt?


I meant that I agreed that FTL travel was *necessary* for attempting serious
interstellar exploration, rather than I thought FTL travel was *possible*.
I'm still learning much about the various theories regarding  this subject,
so do not feel qualified to comment on whether or not it is possible -
that's why I was curious as to Kyle's beliefs in FTL flight.

The planet-hopping method may be a more realistic/achievable goal in the
shorter term (next century), given that without a major breakthrough in
propulsion technology, FTL flight may not be achieved for some considerable
time. It seems to me that production of a working reactionless drive is more
within our immediate reach than breaking the light barrier. However, even to
go from planet to planet within "a decade or so" per hop - whilst far
quicker than anything we could acheive today - would make for slow
exploration of our surroundings. Hence my belief that FTL travel is
necessary for serious and long-distance space exploration.

Does anyone know what is (theoretically) meant to happen re. time dilation
when you travel FTL? (eg. travelling back in time?)

Chris Walker