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Re: starship-design: Planetary Landing

Would'nt a large fusion powered starship, when landing on or starting 
from a planet's surface, devastate a large area around it, comparable to 
a nuclear bomb???

>    I was curious as to the landing of the "mother ship" on a planet's
>surface. Will the ship be able to land or will it send a shuttle to the 
>planet's surface? I favor not being able to land due to the extra work 
>in repairing the landing gear if needed and if the ship were to land 
>and underwent some sort of power failure or malfunction, they may 
>not be able to get back up. On the other hand, if it wasn't able to 
>and underwent system failure, etc. it could drift through space until
>by some lucky chance, if the crew were still alive, they could make 
>first contact with an alien race and not be able to tell anyone about 
>it. That's the bright side. You can probably think of something of the
>opposite on your own. Any comments?
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