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Re: Re: starship-design: Aircraft Carriers

In a message dated 5/17/98 12:22:31 PM, stephen.harley@dial.pipex.com wrote:

>> Right - the only reason subs don't carry support fleets is for military
>> purposes - they'd defeat the purpose of being stealthy if a bunch of
>> vessels followed them around.  But a sub is much more akin to the kind of
>> craft we're talking about.  So imagine a sub as large as an aircraft
>> - maybe a research sub with a fleet of support vessels.
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>And you've got SeaQuest DSV ! Actually this maybe a silly question but
>did anybody ever do any research papers or designs of something like the
>fictional SeaQuest, (or did the show ?) while they will largerly be
>perhaps we could find something useful in them.

I keep up on a lot of science fiction projects.  Usually if a show does
research they brag about it.  SeaQuest never mentioned anything like that.
Obviously the high drag hull shape shows their design wasn't very technically
thought out.

On the other hand the SeaQuest is about the same size (at least in length) as
our current big trident subs, and some of them have been modified with mini
sub hangers and remote sensor drones for special ops missions.  So in a way,
its kind of current tech.