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RE: starship-design: Aircraft Carriers

Right - the only reason subs don't carry support fleets is for military
purposes - they'd defeat the purpose of being stealthy if a bunch of surface
vessels followed them around.  But a sub is much more akin to the kind of
craft we're talking about.  So imagine a sub as large as an aircraft carrier
- maybe a research sub with a fleet of support vessels.
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> Kelly,
> > Subs don't carry fleets of support vehicles.  So a carrier
> > might be a closer
> > analogy.
> For the most part, I do prefer to use Aircraft Carriers for comparison
> purposes. Occasionally, however, a different one is preferred. For MTBR
> purposes, a sub works better. The amount and type of maintenance a subs
> crew
> can and does perform is more in keeping with our needs - except we need
> those figures for a vehicle as large as an aircraft carrier...
> Lee