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Re: starship-design: Spin-up Spin-down.

In a message dated 5/4/98 10:19:35 AM, stephen.harley@dial.pipex.com wrote:

>Kelly pointed out that the size of a hab ring needed to provide a 1G
>enviroment for the crew was so big that we might as well use all the
>This assumes this is the method we use to provide gravity
>but for arguments sake lets assume we use the spinning ring method.
>Would it be possible to use a small ring for a lower gravity enviroment
>on the ship
>and then when the crew return do one of two things. (1) by then we'd
>have colonies on the Moon and Mars, send the crew to live there since
>they have
>much lower gravity enviroments. (2) If the crew insist on returning to
>Earth build a
>full scale spinning hab ring in orbit and spend a few years bringing
>them slowly back
>up to Earth normal gravity.

Humans need 1G to stay in good health.  Without it life expectancies drop and
medical problems go up.  Very bad on a long trip.