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starship-design: Spin-up Spin-down.


Kelly pointed out that the size of a hab ring needed to provide a 1G
enviroment for the crew was so big that we might as well use all the
This assumes this is the method we use to provide gravity
but for arguments sake lets assume we use the spinning ring method.

Would it be possible to use a small ring for a lower gravity enviroment
on the ship
and then when the crew return do one of two things. (1) by then we'd
have colonies on the Moon and Mars, send the crew to live there since
they have
much lower gravity enviroments. (2) If the crew insist on returning to
Earth build a
full scale spinning hab ring in orbit and spend a few years bringing
them slowly back
up to Earth normal gravity.

My question is if option (2) is medically feasible. If so my proposed
crew of 75, will
not have a rough time of it in the spin up ring since that ring could
comforably hold
700 hundred for a voyage, so they'd have a large landscaped place to
spend a couple
of years and their relatives can come up and visit. They can write their
books and
sell the film rights etc... and be debriefed on the ring.