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Re: starship-design: Numbers needed for Colonization

L. Parker wrote:
> Nels,
> Did you ever consider that most of what makes a planet habitable is the
> inhabitants? Terra like planets don't just instantly spring into existence,
> it is a gradual process of reinforcement over millions of years. You might
> as well attempt to terraform an airless asteroid as follow the procedure you
> mention. The end result will be the same...
> Lee
I agree with the above, however i think that transplanting an earthlife
based ecosystem is much safer than atempting to co-exist with native
microbes. We would provide the inhabitants, making the world habitable.
The process should be fairly short, witness the rejuvenation of the
terrain arround Mt. St. Helens here in Washington.  BTW, some have
mentioned the "T-Rex scenario." It shouldn't be a problem for long given
the inevitablilty of exposure of the native environment to earth
microbes and fungi. In fact, prolonged contact between earth and other
ecosystems is bound (murphy's law) to end in disaster for both parties.
Best Regards,
Nels Lindberg