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Re: starship-design: new web-browsable starship-design archive

In a message dated 4/21/98 4:36:50 PM, stevev@darkwing.uoregon.edu wrote:

>A while back one of my co-workers pestered me to install this
>program called MHonArc that converts mail folders into a set of
>web-browsable HTML pages containing the individual messages with
>threading information.  It recently occured to me that I could
>apply it to my archive of starship-design postings, so here you
>I've split the archives into three-month quarters dating from the
>beginning of the list up through the end of March, in order to
>keep the thread indexes down to a more reasonable size.  This is
>somewhat easier for me to maintain than the FTP archives and
>certainly much easier for many people to use.  If people are
>still using the FTP archives mentioned in the list info message I
>will still maintain them, but I think I may switch everything
>over into the web archive eventually.

Sounds like a great idea!  Any chance of droping a link into the web site, or
bring up all the old posts from the old site?