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Re: Re: Re: starship-design: Re: unmanned missions

In a message dated 2/13/98 11:04:46 AM, you wrote:

>> Ok, so your an oppininated idiot with no understanding of biology.
>It is quite the opposite.  Darwin, however, was an opinionated idiot with
>no understanding of biology.  He assumed that order can come from chaos,
>that is just not possible.  

I suppose the fact we see it happing in the lab all the time doesn't phase

>Also, he himself said that his theory would
>fall apart if it could be shown that an organ could not be developed by
>successive improvements.  If you took a fish with no eyes and gave it a
>socket for an eye, how would it be superior to other fish?  I honestly
>cannot see how an eye socket with no eyeball could help a fish one inch.

Maybe thats why the eyes evolved first.  An eye just stuct on the head is
beter then no eye.  Then adding some musels to aim it.  Then a socket.  

All this is in the geological record.

>It has been shown, through experimentation, that genetic defects are
>CORRECTED eventually.  The genetic code is rigid and impossible to alter

Ah no, genetic defects don't all correct.  That accounts for a lot of our
deseases.  Radiation sickness and cancer among them.

That why folks screem about dangers of genetic mutations due to polution and
such.  They've seen it happen, and have it kills folks.

>The thing that really bugs me about evolution is that MOST
>accept it as fact without researching it and seeing whether it IS fact.
>Thus, it becomes a religion, and NOT a scientific theory.  TTYL!

They did research it, it is a fact, it effects are prominent around us in
everyday lives.  So where have you been?