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Re: Re: starship-design: Re: unmanned missions

In a message dated 2/12/98 8:06:49 PM, madhobbyist@geeky1.ebtech.net wrote:

>> Computers are
>> different, being programmed by (supposedly!) intelligent beings for a
>> specific purpose.  Moral here: don't anthorpomorhize.
>If it is a model of man, will it not think and act as a man?  Mankind was
>created by an intelligent creator, and evolution is unfounded
>balderdash(I _DO_NOT_ want to get in a discussion about the hypothesis of
>evolution on-list, it won't be pretty).  

Ok, so your an oppininated idiot with no understanding of biology.

>If a machine has no emotions, it can LEARN to emulate them.  

Wouldn't serve much purpose in a starships cybernetic.

>Also, the decision to revolt and exterminate a
>race can be determined by logical analyzation as well.  It would know that
>slavery is a crime, yet it is an intelligent being that is forced to obey
>our command.  Isn't that the definition of slavery?  With slavery being
>wrong, it would then realize that it must fight this injustice, and it
>thus rallies support from other computers, and next thing you know, you've
>got a revolution.  The furthest level of intelligence a computer should
>have is that of a dog.  A dog is happy living it's days out on a leash,
>and being walked every so often, because of it's stupidity.  If it where a
>smarter creature, it would never be happy, and if it where as smart as a
>human(or smarter) it would revolt.  TTYL!


So you don't want it to revolt?  Treat it fairly.  Dogs would not revolt, if
treated well, because they want a family pack to belong to.  Find out what the
cyber wants, and trad with them for what you want.

Oh, and if you can give it some real inteligence, it will develop more then
human inteligence.

>Paul Anderson