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RE: starship-design: unmanned missions

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> From: 	L. Parker[SMTP:lparker@cacaphony.net]
> Sent: 	Thursday, February 12, 1998 9:40 PM
> Subject: 	RE: starship-design: unmanned missions
> Okay, did I use enough big words yet? As David is wont to say, the
> purpose
> here is to design a starship capable of transporting -US- to another
> star
> that can be built with technology available fifty years from now. We
> aren't
> interested in sending robots so why discuss it? If the robots help to
> make
> the manned mission possible, great! Otherwise, they aren't relevant.
Wow, do I really repeat that so much?

Hm, well, it does come up a lot.  I guess if we feel that this is really
just not at all possible, we could change what we're designing.  We
could do an unmanned craft if everyone agreed they'd rather do that.

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