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Re: starship-design: RE: questions

In a message dated 1/28/98 12:57:15 PM, david@actionworld.com wrote:

>>Subject: questions
>>Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 15:44:47 +0100
>>From: lindberg@olywa.net (Lindberg)
>>To: lunar@sunsite.unc.edu
>>My name is Nels Lindberg.  I have just signed up for the starshipdesign
>>mailing list.  I have several questions.  it appears to me that the
>>archived records of the mailing list only go up to about 1+1/2 years
>>Is there a way I could catch up on what's happened on the list
>>my next concern is this, i note that on the bottom of the LIT homepage,
>>words "last revision July 15,1996" appear.  I know that the site is
>>construction, but the proliferation of interesting links which are
>>is disappointing. Is anyone even working on the site? If so, how soon
>>the LIT site be back in top form? Finally, what are the requirements
>for a
>>serious paper on a subject; are bibliographies etc. required?  That's
>>for now, thank you for providing such a cool site.
>>Nels Lindberg
>Ah, for old newsletters try:
>Yes, the site has not been updated in some time.  I have been
>considering ways to rectify this.  The main issue is that all that is
>actively occurring right now with LIT is the mailing list.  In addition,
>the main web space is on a machine which only I have an account on, and
>I can't give out other accounts.
>Here's what I've been thinking about: perhaps we can get a variety of
>accounts on one of the sites that offers free homepages (like geocities
>or something) and each person who wants to participate in the upkeep of
>a website would get one.  We would provide links between the sections
>and each take care of the sections we're most interested in.  The main
>"jumping off" point (with general information) and newsletter archive
>(perhaps we could do one of those threaded web-viewable mailing list
>archives) would be located at the SunSITE server.
>Any comments from the LIT gang?

Good idea.  Would have helped a lot when I worked no the last draft.  (Thou I
wouldn't have the time to do as big a rework as I did on the last rework.  So
don't look at me!!  `=[  )

One thought thou.  Its a good idea to organise things in a heriarch, but that
would seem to be dificult with parralell accounts.  Also parrallel backups
could be a problem.  Not big things, but thought I'ld mention them.

Oh, how would you transfer all those back newsletter.  Frakly the earlier ones
were better then our last years worth.