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starship-design: RE: questions

>Subject: questions
>Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 15:44:47 +0100
>From: lindberg@olywa.net (Lindberg)
>To: lunar@sunsite.unc.edu
>My name is Nels Lindberg.  I have just signed up for the starshipdesign
>mailing list.  I have several questions.  it appears to me that the
>archived records of the mailing list only go up to about 1+1/2 years
>Is there a way I could catch up on what's happened on the list
>my next concern is this, i note that on the bottom of the LIT homepage,
>words "last revision July 15,1996" appear.  I know that the site is
>construction, but the proliferation of interesting links which are
>is disappointing. Is anyone even working on the site? If so, how soon
>the LIT site be back in top form? Finally, what are the requirements
for a
>serious paper on a subject; are bibliographies etc. required?  That's
>for now, thank you for providing such a cool site.
>Nels Lindberg

Ah, for old newsletters try:

Yes, the site has not been updated in some time.  I have been
considering ways to rectify this.  The main issue is that all that is
actively occurring right now with LIT is the mailing list.  In addition,
the main web space is on a machine which only I have an account on, and
I can't give out other accounts.

Here's what I've been thinking about: perhaps we can get a variety of
accounts on one of the sites that offers free homepages (like geocities
or something) and each person who wants to participate in the upkeep of
a website would get one.  We would provide links between the sections
and each take care of the sections we're most interested in.  The main
"jumping off" point (with general information) and newsletter archive
(perhaps we could do one of those threaded web-viewable mailing list
archives) would be located at the SunSITE server.

Any comments from the LIT gang?

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