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starship-design: hello and help :)

hello to all friends, old and new... i havent been able to keep up
with this list lately, mainly because work and school demand most 
of my time. perhaps some of you will remember me, i was one of the
last on the list before we got the LISTSERV set up. i hope some
of you remember me anyway :) i need help... im going into 12th grade
next year, and this year my science courses are chemistry 2 and
physics. i dont particularly like physics, and i practically hate
chemistry :) but our class in chemistry just stumbled on to chapter
18, nuclear reactions, and for some reason i love it. i asked my
chemistry teacher if i could have an independent science study in 
it next year. she said i would have to ask my physics teacher, as it
really wasnt chemistry at all, but physics. so i asked my physics
teacher. he had barely even heard of nuclear physics :) so i talked 
to a bunch of administrative people at my school and, basically, what
i need is a teacher. thats the purpose of this letter... if any of
you would be willing/able to help me out with this, in any way, it
would be most greatly appreciated. i was planning on teaching myself
most everything, but obviously the school wants some sort of teacher
i can correspond with. i know that calculus 2 students in my school do
an internet correspondence with stanford university, because there is
no calculus 2 teacher, so im sure the school is not against internet
teaching. if anyone thinks they can help out in any way, please respond.
helping me design a course syllabus, agreeing to teach, you know of
someone who might be able to help, etc etc etc etc etc, anything!
also i dont think the time requirements would be much, mostly just helping
me design problems and possibly checking them once a week, a test here
and there, etc. to appease the school :) certainly not a full-time position,
so to speak. hank you so much!

ben bakelaar

p.s. please respond directly to me, not the whole list, as that could 
     become annoying to the recievers of this mailing list :)