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RE: starship-design: Hello?

Hi, Paul, welcome aboard.  Yes, the list traffic goes in spurts - a long
period of quiet followed by intense sets of 20-30 emails per day.  Most
people here also have periods when they're terribly busy.

Early on there were five lists, one for each part of the starship design
- one of the lists was devoted to human issues.

Check out:

Way at the bottom of the list (weeks 1-10) you'll find the "Human
Factors and Crew Selection" archives.

Uh oh.  I just tried it and the links are dead.  I'll see if I can find
the newsletters and upload them.  I'll let you guys know when it's
there.  D'oh!
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> Subject: 	starship-design: Hello?
> THis seems like a really low traffic list...  Anyway, I heard about
> this
> list from the administrator of it, and since space vessel design has
> long
> been a hobby of mine, I subscribed.  My interests include physics,
> electronics, computers, machining, woodworking...  I've been working
> on
> designing a heavier than water submarine for a couple months, and I'm
> stalled somewhat at the fact that I need to perform a few experiments
> to
> settle on the superstructure design...  In the process of my design,
> I've
> been thinking about the psychological effect on the crew of such a
> ship,
> has any discussion about the topic been done here?  I'd be concerned
> that
> doing the same thing, again and again for the rest of one's life would
> tend to drive people insane.  I've been planning on designing in a
> large
> variety of recreational activities.  Also, has there been much
> discussion
> as to using hydrogen for power?  What about rotting human waste,
> siphoning
> off the resulting methane gas for fuel and using the remainder as
> feritilizer?  TTYL!
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