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starship-design: Hello?

THis seems like a really low traffic list...  Anyway, I heard about this
list from the administrator of it, and since space vessel design has long
been a hobby of mine, I subscribed.  My interests include physics,
electronics, computers, machining, woodworking...  I've been working on
designing a heavier than water submarine for a couple months, and I'm
stalled somewhat at the fact that I need to perform a few experiments to
settle on the superstructure design...  In the process of my design, I've
been thinking about the psychological effect on the crew of such a ship,
has any discussion about the topic been done here?  I'd be concerned that
doing the same thing, again and again for the rest of one's life would
tend to drive people insane.  I've been planning on designing in a large
variety of recreational activities.  Also, has there been much discussion
as to using hydrogen for power?  What about rotting human waste, siphoning
off the resulting methane gas for fuel and using the remainder as
feritilizer?  TTYL!

Paul Anderson
Hacker, Mad Scientist, Machinist, Publisher, and Author
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