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starship-design: Re: StarShip Design: Request and Questions

Gertchen1@aol.com wrote:
>In a message dated 97-12-10 10:33:57 EST, kuo@bit.csc.lsu.edu writes:

>Huh?  We don't have _any_ current deceleration rocket system suitable
>for a .2c mission.  The rocket systems we do have aren't even remotely
>like what would be used for such a mission.

>If a starship is constructed in space, then there should be a major decrease
>in the amount of fuel it requires.

Not exactly.  If a starship could take off from Earth at all, then it
would require a very small delta-v capability compared to the delta-v
required to reach .1c.

What construction in space gains you is that you don't have to make
a space ship that can handle being in Earth's atmosphere and flying
through it.  And us Earthlings don't have to try and live with the
exhaust from the thing (lots of radiation).

>Perhaps, with a crew of fifty, and the ship being about a mile in
>length, an entire deck rich with oxygen giving plants and a routine
>filling of oxygen tanks would be sufficient.

Hydroponic algae do offer a potentially robust air recycling system,
but this would require new research to develop into a working model.
There's not enough data yet to know how effective and reliable this
would be.  It is a low risk technology, though.

>I am writing a book, I am on the quest for starship designs, mostly warships.
>Any designs would be appreciated ^_^
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