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Re: starship-design: Re: debate

L. Parker wrote:

>Perhaps there is some confusion in semantics here.

>We have built plenty of fusion devices that surpass breakeven - just not 
>devices that are viable as commercial powerplants. We aren't necessarily 
>looking for a powerplant design, we are looking for a propulsion design. By 
>default that includes a lot of the devices (such as bombs) that have 
>surpassed breakeven.

>The antimatter catalyzed concept is just that, an Orion concept with 
>extremely small fusion bombs.

I was saying we don't have "fusion power" and that any interstellar
mission design requiring fusion other than H-bombs was speculation.

I'm extremely positive about MagOrion type concepts.

I'm extremely doubtful about lithium 6 - hydrogen fusion reactors.
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