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Re: Re: starship-design: It's a bad, bad world out there

In a message dated 11/4/97 2:52:09 PM, stk@sunherald.infi.net wrote:

>KellySt@aol.com wrote:
>> On the contrary, the gov always does what we ask.  Pity we ask such
>> contradictory things.
>The government does what it wants. Why do you suppose it is illegal to
>have a copy of the constitution hanging in your office? I'm telling you,
>the government is corrupt. Wait ~30 years. See how many of our rights
>are taken away. Unfortunately, most new generations of people (currently
>children) do not care if our rights are taken away.

Its not illegal.  

The gov is corrupt.  We want it that way.  Most politicians brag about their
most blatant multi-billion dollar bribes, and our reelected because of them.
 (hint: they cut the voters in.)

>> They can't even explain that NASA is cheap!  No it boils down to federal
>> money (millions probably) being spent on a stupid boondoggle like alien
>> hunting.  Why do you think things like this kept Sen. Proxmire in office
>> so long? 
>Well, that is possible. It's also possible that there was a bit of

No control, he was extreamly popular for these and other possitions.

>> With a bit of spin control it sound like your starving children to
>> let scientists doing the increadibly stupid.
>Fact: There is enough food in the world to feed EVERY HUMAN BEING IN THE
>WORLD. I don't like seeing people starve, but there's nothing I can do
>about it. Ask your wondrous government why they don't feed those people.

Because they don't want top go to war over it.  Most all recent major world
famines are military operations.  (Burning crops and shooting up food trucks
is much easier then fighting rebels.)

>As far as people that are perfectly able to work and have a good life
>but are too lazy to: let them starve. Why should we have to pay for
>them? Use that money for SETI/NASA.
>> Truth means little in Washington.
>Washington *makes*  the truth.

No, it trys, but that doesn't work well.  It just learns to tell people what
they want to hear.  People seldom critically review things they like the
sound of, and often reward those who tell them the 'good news'.

>Just my two cents
>Kyle Mcallister