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Re: starship-design: Ancient

David Levine wrote:
> Tieing together two threads here...
> The interesting thing about FTL is that if it really is possible, it
> makes Fermi's Paradox even more haunting.  i.e. if we're talking FTL,
> we're now talking about the entire universe, not just our galaxy.  I
> would say that if FTL is possible, then I feel certain we are either the
> only intelligent life, or intelligent life is rare enough that it is
> conceivable we are the only species out of the handful of existing ones
> that has the mind-set to want to colonize the stars.

I have always thought that there are fewer than 100 civilizations in our
galaxy. You add an interesting problem to this puzzle. This is a good
thing though, it makes us think. Then again, maybe FTL is rarely used
because of some unforseen danger. Who knows?

Kyle Mcallister