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Re: starship-design: Ancient

David Levine wrote:
> I should have them.  I will look in my archives.
> Meanwhile, did anyone see this article about why Alcubeirre's ideas
> won't work?
> http://www.newscientist.com/ns/970726/nwarpdrive.html

I read this, and disagree that warp drive is impossible. Granted, it
would take this much mass to warp space. Yet I have read the actual
paper by Pfenning and Ford. They say that if it is possible to warp
space in a thinner region around the ship, it would only require 1/4
solar mass of energy (or something like that). However, they fail to
accept the possibilities that space may be warped by means other than
concentration of mass. The possiblity remains that a way could be found
to warp space using zero-point interactions, or maybe something I can't
even think of. Don't give up hope yet. Dr. Jack Sarfatti sure hasn't. We
can't design a starship around this theory, but it is wrong to say that
since we simply don't know how to do something, it is impossible. To do
so is extremely arrogant. BTW, I'm not calling anyone on SSD arrogant,
just whoever says that "since we don't know how to do it, it can't be
done." I have confidence that if humans are here in the year 4000AD? or
some such that there may be such news stories as "first warp driven ship
reaches ????" Steve was right when he told me that we cannot design an
FTL driven ship. However, many scientists that say FTL is impossible
forever are, how shall I say it, unscientific. 

Kyle Mcallister

P.S.: Has anyone heard of this 'anisotropic universe' theory by Borge
Nodland? I'd like to hear others oppinions on this. I have an URL if
needed. (I really don't understand much of it)