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Re: starship-design: It's a bad, bad world out there

KellySt@aol.com wrote:
> >Unproven. There may be no MID-level civilizations here. Tribal
> >civilizations have no radio noise. Mid-civs  like us emit everything.
> >High-tech civs might not use radio for much communication. And if they
> >weren't aiming at us, we might not hear them anyways. Besides, do you
> >really think if they'd been detected we'd hear about it? Probably not.
> If they had anything like our power grid we could easily detect them, and
> given most of the detectors are non-clasified (and keeping anything
> interesting classified is virtually imposible), if we found them we would all
> know.

But it is very interesting and thought provoking that after META I
detected 34 signals of possible ETI origin, most of which lie in the
galactic plane, the US federal government decides to clip funding for
SETI. Ironic, that as the paper said, "it savel all of .00002 percent of
the national debt."

I tend to think either:

A: our government knows ETI's exist (not the roswell incident), and/or
doesn't want it to be known by anyone, including themselves (likely)


B: our government is prone to doing extremely coincidental things that
just provoke to be examined by citizens such as I.

But who knows. It makes for great science fiction though :)

Kyle Mcallister