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Re: starship-design: Battleship galactica?

In a message dated 97-10-01 19:01:40 EDT, TLG.van.der.Linden@tip.nl writes:

<< We are not designing your regular "Battleship Galactica"-type of starship.
 It's not likely that we will have that much energy and energy to waste.
Well... if we had oxygen regeneration aboard the ship, I know it can be done,
I mean with about a whole deck of plants, or some other way, it can be done 
 The interstellar matter is likely too little to be of any realistic use,
 unless we can scoop up matter from thousants (if not millions) of square
 >Now I called this ship the Dreadnought, for obvious reasons due to it's
 >length and ability to maneuver very fast in asteroid fields. It also has a
 >secondary engine at the front, called a retro,...
 Why use a secondary engine in front? Just do a quick 180 degree rotation
 around one of the three axis and then fire your normal backside engine

So we can have the ship look like a disc, one part swivels around the ship,
propelling the ship the way we wish it to go. Interesting concept. Any other