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starship-design: FTL

I posted that FTL idea without telling you something. My purpose was to
see what responses I got, and this proves what I said about amatuers:

I did not invent that FTL idea. Not at all. Miguel Alcubierre did, and
when he did, he was listened to. If some of you will take the time to
read the actual paper and talk to Alcubierre, you will see that it
allows FTL travel, elimination of time dilation problems, no causality
violations, no time travel. The only drawback he reported is that it
requires negative energy density in one part to work. Why is this a
drawback? Because negative energy density is forbidden by the Weak,
Strong, and Dominant energy states of general relativity. Sorry guys,
but physics failed again. Negative energy density is as real and true as
any other type of energy density. It HAS BEEN PROVEN. 

Unidirectional inertia is not impossible, we just don't know how to do
it yet. What do you think an alcubierre drive is? I'd be very careful
about calling scientists with odd or unproven ideas ignorant, as the
Wright brothers were treated the same. And flight was physically
impossible for humans! FTL is not impossible. I don't wish to argue, but
merely have an exchange of ideas. I thought that was what science was
about. Apparently not anymore.

Kyle Mcallister

P.S.: If anyone has 'nasty' comments (and I'm not pointing fingers)
avoid the trouble of sending them.