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Re: starship-design: FTL/inertia

Kyle R. Mcallister wrote:

>I should have elaborated on my FTL idea better to avoid confusion.

Please do it on rec.arts.sf.science or sci.physics or
rec.arts.startrek.tech.  This topic is an FAQ there.

>If you warp space correctly, you can travel globally FTL, while not
>violating causality as with local FTL.

Only if relativity is invalid.  If relativity is valid--that is, if
you can acheive a certain FTL speed in any sublight reference frame,
then you can travel backwards in time and kill your grandfather.

I'm not talking about dinky little "causality violations" like not
agreeing on who shot what tachyon torpedo whatever.

I'm talking about _real_ causality violations, where you can meet
yourself back in time.

This requires "global FTL", not "local FTL".  In order to go back
in time far enough to kill your grandfather, you have to move further.
The further you go, the further back in time you can go.  The longer
the distance the better.

>The idea on how to generate this warp: electromagnetic gravity control.
>This seems impossible at first, but think about this: ZPF affects
>gravity/inertia. EM affects ZPF. So logically, EM affects gravity.

Oh, no.  This list is going to get unliveable if fringe "science"
starts taking up bandwidth.  Take it to sci.physics or sci.skeptic.

>Kyle Mcallister

>P.S.: When you (everyone in the group) were a kid, did you ever fill a
>bucket with water and sling it over your head? And not get wet? If you
>did it right you wouldn't get wet. There may be ways of taking this
>force of inertia and making it assymmetrical. That would be a good

It would also be impossible, if the physics we know is even vaguely
accurate (which it is).  Nonetheless, ignorant people still try to
figure out some way to do this and even make web pages and publicly
insist their devices work without ever performing a simple test
like suspending it from a string to see if it will pull itself to
the side.
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