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RE: starship-design: Deceleration scheme


>> Neat formula, but how did you get from "as" to "V@"?
>> And where did this "l" come from?
>I skipped a lot of ASCII math, I TOLD you I don't like doing math on this
>forum :-P

That's probably because you'll be asked to do more ;)

>> True, if you can make it light enough per square mile, then you indeed can
>> reach relativistic velocities. But I think there aren't materials that work
>> under the circumstances we need.
>Although true if possible, I don't think we can get light enough for a manned
>ship. I am quite certain it can be done for unmanned probes.

What weight per square meter do you suggest?
(In my example I used a sail with 0.1 gram per square meter)

>I am not going to work through the math. I don't like doing ASCII math and
>you've reached my limit!

I guess that T.C. Tsu paper is not available in electronic format?


P.S. You might read the following paper from Geoffrey A. Landis
     After heaving read that you may be even less enthousiastic about
     using a sail.