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starship-design: Where to go?

Kyle wonders

>> Then I suggest that this is not the forum for working on them.  I see
>> this as an engineering forum, not a speculative science forum.  We work
>> on matter/energy problems because they are fundamental to interstellar
>> propulsion, and I expect them to remain so.  Even the speculative ideas
>> will likely involve energy and fueling problems, should they pass from
>> speculation to fact.
>Where do you suggest I go? There are no places to discuss that. If no
>one does, we'll never know.

I've told you before that freenerg-l may be an excellent list for you.

Sent a mail to freenrg-L-request@eskimo.com
and put the word subscribe in the subject line.

They know about how to build ZPE-devices and alike, but don't expect them to
have the general physics knowledge available here.