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starship-design: Fwd: Re: L I T

Guys, The attached sounds like recrutment from a flake group.  Anyone hear of
these guys?  United Earth Federation?

Forwarded message:
From:	uef@rocketmail.com (United Earth Federation)
To:	KellySt@aol.com
Date: 97-07-25 04:31:11 EDT

Hi Kelly, 
         well I work for an organisation called the UEA. Basically we
are a multinational organisation with various agencies covering
different fields. 
One of the Agencies is called Earth New Technologies and its purpose
is to further our knowledge etc through research. 
The UEA has a unique function, it enables other organisations to
"latch" on and form a "relationship" with it. This increases the share
of knowledge and will hopefully improve the efficency of the whole
After seeing your site, we would very much like to form an alliance
and integrate you into our structure. 
Would you be intrested?

If so, please could you give us the following information:

Number of members
Where you are based
Area of effect

we can then discuss this in more detail.



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