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Re: starship-design: New Idea from non member

In a message dated 7/22/97 3:46:35 PM, jimaclem@juno.com wrote:

>---------start new idea -------------------
>Each transmitter could be a stationary fusion rocket with the beam
>pointed in one direction, and the fusion exhaust (at very low speed)
>pointed in the other.  Since the whole thing is stationary, it could be
>refueled periodicly by robot tenders.  The fusion motor could tap most
>of the kinetic/thermal energy of the fusion products to provide
>electricity to power the transmitter, with a little left over kinetic
>energy and a fair amount of mass to provide a counter balancing force.
>---------end new idea -------comments?-----

Cool, that would also get around the problem of the transmiters moving during
the transmition period.