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Re: starship-design: Aliens

KellySt@aol.com wrote:
> Life in a gas giant is possible, but it would have to survive drifting in the
> updrafts and stuff.  I'ld guess technology would be pretty much a no go.

Actually, Timothy showed me that technology wouldn't be much of a
problem (using materials in atmosphere, dead bodies broken down for
materials, etc.) Its my guess that spacetravel (probably between planet
and moons) would be developed early, with other tech falling below, but
not impossible. After all, flight would have already been established.
Spacetravel to nearby moons would provide other resources that were
scarce in the jovian planets atmosphere.

> The moons around gas giants don't have to be earth sized.  As a mater of fact
> the two likelyest areas in our solar system for life are Titan and Europa
>  The later having liquid water oceans, the former very complex organic soup.
True. I was thinking of earth-like life. The fact of the matter is, life
is probably very diverse and of very wide variety. Does anyone have any
ideas on Silicon, Boron, or others as possible base chemicals for life?
Perhaps on freezing planets ammonia could replace water.

Kyle Mcallister