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starship-design: Re: What is gravity?

On Thu, 17 Jul 1997 23:28:58 +0200 (MET DST) TLG.van.der.Linden@tip.nl
(Timothy van der Linden) writes:

>Of course this density model is nearly the same as the curvature 
>model. The
>clear difference is that curvature usually implies a 2 dimensional 
>while density is usually associated with 3 dimensions.

Indeed, I think it can help to devise ways to think in 3 dimensions,
since that is the reality of the situation.

>>I'm still working on the real numbers for this hypothesis, and hope 
>>have them posted here soon.
>Ah, will you be using tensors? If so, can you explain me a bit about 
>(in practical pictorial examples). I'll be in great debt...

You bet, though my understanding of tensors is not as strong as I would
like, yet.